How to revive dull, tired, spotty, ageing skin

If you haven’t yet discovered the Balance Me skincare range and their amazing Radiance Face Oil here’s why you’ll want to.

What I say…

When we reach our 30s, our skin changes. Hormones dictate lots of skin issues, especially as this is the time when most women are having babies. Say no more.

My skin is temperamental. Prone to outbreaks and looking, well, a bit dull. Not anymore. I’ve been using Balance Me’s Radiance Face Oil for almost a month now and it has transformed my skin. Breakouts are under control. Scarring and pigmentation has improved. My skin looks plumper and smoother (younger!) and it actually does have a radiance to it, that it lacked before.

One of the biggest myths about oils is that they will make oily skin even more oily. That’s simply not true. I haven’t come across anyone, who once they’ve started using an oil, has gone back. The beauty of the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil is it suits ALL skin types and seems to magically address whatever issue you’re having with your skin. It’s as if it KNOWS.

(It’s also 100% natural. Not tested on animals. And a very reasonably priced £30 for 30ml, which will last approximately 4 months.)

What others say…

In the past two days, a couple of people I’ve introduced to it have been in touch to tell me how much they love it. One said, ‘First time in a long time I’m not wearing foundation/tinted moisturiser’ and another said, ‘I have had several compliments about my skin….one person said it was glowing!!! And my skin is quite fussy.’

What Balance Me say…

‘For this skincare hero, we hand-picked eight oil extracts including Amazonian buriti nut, camellia and rosehip oils to reduce redness, address uneven skin tone and minimise the visible signs of ageing and scarring. The healing blend of yarrow and benzoin plus English chamomile plump, soften and soothe the skin with each drop.’

How to use

It’s really simple (and quick) to use. I warm 3 drops (they say 2 but I’ve found 3 works for me) in my palms morning and night, then box press into my face. It’s so good and hydrating that I’ve even been going without a moisturiser and straight onto a tinted moisturiser.

So there you have it. I promise, you won’t regret trying it. Buy yours here and please let me know what you think! If you’re already a fan, comment below. More beauty tips (and motherhood anecdotes) over at Surviving Life and Motherhood.

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