Free family fun at The O2

When you think of The O2, you probably immediately think of music. Of concerts. Even if concerts these days look more like Justin Bieber than Snow Patrol. But, if you’re REALLY winning at life, you might just get the chance to see Paw Patrol. Like we did, last week, when the lovely people at The O2 invited us to meet Marshall and friends and sample the Sky studio and new Sky Kids app. To say we had a great time is an understatement. Six hours later, I was still trying to tear my kids out of there. Oh, and the best bit? It’s FREE for everyone.

Balloons AND lollies?


I knew it was going to be a good day when approximately 15 seconds into entering the Sky Studios, the amazing and friendly staff were plying them with balloons, lollipops and magazines.

Actually, let me rephrase that. Good for my kids. REALLY bad for me. (Sugar rush.)

But balloons and lollies? They’re only the two things my boy lives for.

Heaven on earth.

The top level of the studio is the home of Sky Kids. And it’s amazing.

It has interactive walls, which you press to bring up giant paint splats. My kids took great delight in whacking their favourite Sky characters and turning them into paint too.


One question, Sky Kids. HOW ON EARTH do you keep those walls so white with all those sticky fingers?

Our walls at home look NOTHING like that.

A great workspace.

They change the exhibitions every three months or so. So your kids will NEVER get bored.

They had the Ben & Holly Magic Kingdom up when we were there. Uncanny. Because we literally watch it on loop at the moment. In our house, Peppa Pig is so last year.


And here’s my top tip. With the walls, the iPads and EVERYTHING else Sky Kids has to keep your kids entertained, this is the perfect place (with free wifi) for us parents to do a couple of hour’s quiet work.

Providing you don’t have a manic toddler on the loose, of course. Best to leave that one at home.

Happy kids. Happy mum.

My kids were beside themselves meeting Paw Patrol. I managed to hold it together. Even the boy, who a week earlier, had balked at Peppa Pig (I told you Peppa’s over), was feeling pretty brave.


And when Sky Kids presented each of my kids with the biggest goody bag, full of Spongebob, Scooby and Ben & Holly, their lives were complete.



So many places to eat.

As if we hadn’t had enough fun, The O2 Communications Team kindly took a few bloggers for lunch.

I thought they were pretty mad, to be honest. And I did check a couple of times if they really wanted to eat lunch with my rabble. The toddler isn’t known for his impeccable table manners. Or any manners at all, in fact. (This post may have been inspired by that very lunch.)

And this is another reason to visit The O2. SO MANY PLACES TO EAT.

But because there’s so much to do once you’re there, you could easily manage breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Teach them to drive.

Last but not least we visited the Nissan Innovation Centre. Another free exhibit where you can race cars. If you can reach the peddles. Or have a sister willing to help you.


But the thing that impressed me most? The brilliant member of staff who made Beaver complete four questions before handing over the sweets.


I’ve never seen her concentrate so hard.

He’s coming round next week to motivate her to do her homework.

Six weeks of summer.

And not to put the wind up you, but it’s only about five weeks until the summer holidays.

Six weeks of entertaining the kids. Without remortgaging your house. ARGGGHHHHHHH!

So get yourself down to The O2 for a day of free fun. They have all sorts of events going on during the summer. If you take the Thames Clipper there, buy a River Roamer ticket and you can hop on and off as much as you like and explore the rest of London by boat!

(They also serve a mean G&T. Just an FYI. Wink wink. Nudge nudge.)

IMG_2114A big thank you to Olivia and Emily in The O2 Communications Team for inviting us for a day of fun. My kids are still talking about you so we’ll definitely be back in the summer to hang out some more. Bet you can’t wait. As always, all opinions are my own. More posts over on FB and Instagram

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