Three kids

My posts on having three kids. And that all consuming question, ‘Should I have a third child?’ I hope it helps you decide. Either way!

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Sitting on the Fence

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How to Make the Decision







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Announcing Pregnancy No. 3

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Advice From Fellow Mums of 3







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The Truth About 3 Kids

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Are You Ready for 3? Take the Quiz







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Yes. You Should have a Third Child


What it’s like being the third child





Blog posts I love by others…

The Gift of the Third Child Still one of my favourite posts of all time

The Brutal Truth About the Third Child (Part I) Brutally funny. And true

The Brutal Truth About the Third Child (Part II) Still brutally funny. Still true

Three kids are easier than two Urban myth or truth?

Has this helped you decide? Let me know below then join us at Surviving Motherhood. A menagerie of mums with a menagerie of kids all just trying to get through the day.

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